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Amazing Scuba Destination: Dive in Hawaii

Hawaii is a world-known tropical paradise littered with glistening sea shells, buzzing with sun-tanned locals, and teeming with ocean life. Outside the string of main islands are 132 smaller volcanic islands serving as an underwater refuge for fish, ocean mammals, and hundreds of different kinds of coral. Between the hundreds of scuba diving locations and outfitters nestled into the Hawaiian tropical paradise, planning an underwater adventure anywhere in the Hawaiian islands is a breeze. Here you’ll find some tips about sites where to dive in Hawaii.

Kauai reef fish guide


Argued as one of the Pacific’s most beautiful land masses, Kauai offers more than just white sand beaches and plummeting cliffs. With over ten different inner and outer reefs to choose from, Kauai boasts everything from schools of dolphins to packs of lounging monk seals. The ocean depths surrounding Kauai are roughly 12 to 65 feet, perfect for both beginning and experienced divers. In the summer months, Ke-e Lagoon and Cannons are popular beaches for observing sea life. If you plan to visit in the winter or fall months, consider visiting Sheraton Caverns or Oasis reef to see what the fish do when the ocean temperatures begin to drop. For experienced divers seeking a challenge, taking a boat to Ni’ihau (a small island off the coast of Kau’ai) is highly recommended.

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One of the most popular islands in the Hawaiian string, Maui offers plenty of underwater destinations ranging in depths from 10 to 130 feet deep. This island is a must when plannig to dive in Hawaii. A quick boat ride out of Lahania harbor will take you to Molokini Crater, a sunken volcano home to some of the densest schools of fish in the area. Maui ocean explorers can expect to see rare black coral, underwater caves, and plenty of boldly colored tropical fish.

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Maui diving map dive in Hawaii


One of the most visited of the Hawaiian islands; Oahu offers one of the most versatile shorelines for divers of all ages. From Waimea to Hanuama Bay, the shoreline of Oahu is littered with novice to intermediate dive sites, all of which can be assessed straight from shore. Despite your skill level, however, Hanuama Bay is highly recommended for all divers. This underwater nature preserve is home to hundreds of reef fish and sea turtles. Lucky divers are occasionally able to swim closely with the infamous Hawaiian tiger shark.

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Lanai is arguably Hawaiian most exclusive and beautiful island. With ten different dive sites ranging from 15-90 feet, Lanai’s beauty is not limited to its sandy shores. For those interested in accessing their underwater playground by shore, consider visiting Fish Rock or Houlopo-e/Manele Bay. Both of these locations are accessible by shore, and range from 20-70 feet in some locations. If you don’t mind paying a little extra to reach a site by boat, Shark Fin is a well known dive site that shouldn’t be missed. With depths of up to 90 feet, the popular Shark Fin site is a pristine ecosystem home to moray eels, butterfly fish, octopus, and multi-colored sea sponges. Although a few sharks may be seen lurking the waters near the Shark Fin site, this dive location actually gets its intimidating name from the large fin-shaped rock formation poking out of the water above the reef.

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Lanai diving map dive in Hawaii

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