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No-matter what type of ocean environment you plan your next dive taking place in, planning to use an industry-rated suit to protect your body from the salt, temperatures, and bacteria found in the ocean is a must. There are thousands of wetsuits and specialized scuba skins designed to protect you from the elements, but choosing one to fit all your diving needs can be difficult and down-right confusing.

We’ve found that Henderson Wetsuit Manufacturers provide the highest quality exposure protection products available, with both warm and cool water gear available at extremely fair prices. In this article, we will discuss the components of the best exposure protection suits available, why they are important, and explain which one is best suited for you.


Warm Water Suits: The Henderson Wetsuit 3mm Aqua-Lock


Warm water diving poses a variety of different elements than cool water diving does. Because the heated water doesn’t pose a threat to our core body temperature, it is safe for most divers exploring in warm, medium depth water to forego booties and hand gloves. Therefore, for warm water dives, we recommend the Henderson 3mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Wetsuit. Henderson is a highly trusted wetsuit manufacturer who designs their suits specifically for scuba adventurers. Available in sizes x-small through 3XL for both men and women, the 3mm Aqua Lock suit comes with 200% more stretch than standard neoprene suits, is fleece lined for faster drying, and offers rugged, durable fabric, allowing you to get up close and personal with all the coral and sea life you want.

Thin enough to keep the wearer cool, but thick enough to retain body heat during deeper dives, this suit is perfect for protecting yourself against tropical and warm water temperatures. The sturdy aquaslik exterior is extremely tough, and protects the wearer against abrasions from floating debris or when floating near submerged rock. Although the suit does come with a following of positive reviews, it does come with a full manufacturer’s warranty in the event you’re less than satisfied.


 3mm Men's Henderson AQUA LOCK Wetsuit3mm Women's Henderson AQUA LOCK Wetsuit3mm Henderson AQUA LOCK Dive Hood3mm Henderson AQUA LOCK Molded Sole Boot3mm Henderson AQUA LOCK Wetsuit Gloves


Cold Water Suits- The Henderson Wetsuit 7mm


Cool water diving brings the added challenge of temperature regulation into your scuba experience. Plunging deep into an already-cold ocean poses the threat of hypothermia on top of the many other dangers associated with this sport. When it comes to cold-water diving, the only way to protect yourself is by ensuring you have the right wetsuit to eliminate the threat of exposure. Having a thick dive suit able to retain large amounts of body heat is essential for preventing hypothermia.

This is why we’ve chosen the Henderson 7mm Cold Water Dive Suit. Each of the seams in this dive suit is both glued and stitch bound from both the inside and out to reduce the amount of water allowed to flow in and out of the suit. The thick material is also specifically manufacturer to pair with Henderson’s interlocking booties, gloves, and an Aqua Lock hood. Using these accessories with the 7mm suit itself is highly recommended, as our feet, hands, and head are responsible for emitting the most body heat and are more prone to getting cold when compared with the rest of our bodies.


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 7mm Men's Henderson AQUA LOCK Wetsuit7mm Women's Henderson AQUA LOCK Wetsuit7mm Henderson AQUA LOCK Dive Hood7mm Henderson AQUA LOCK Molded Sole Boot7mm Henderson AQUA LOCK Wetsuit Gloves

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