Facts about Technical Diving You Should Know

The conventional limit exceeded by the form of scuba diving specially the recreational diving’s bottom time and depth is known as tech diving. It is also known as Technical Diving. The Technical and Recreational Scuba Diving can be distinguished with lots of differences. According to many people, there are not […]

Divers ready with their technical diving equipment

NAUI eLearning

The NAUI Scuba Certification Path

Regardless of your dive location or experience level, most scuba outfitters make holding a scuba certification mandatory before they will allow you passage on a trip. Diving certifications promote underwater education and safety practices while reducing the amount of underwater hazards and accidents. The vast amount of diving courses available […]

SSI Scuba Certification Path

When it comes to diving in open water, many dive outfitters require each individual hold some sort of scuba certification in order to qualify for the trip. This certification ensures the outfitter that each person diving is knowledgeable and experienced. Although there are a number of licenses for underwater trips, […]

E-learning scuba certification SSI

PADI certification image

Beginner to professional: PADI Certification

    We already know that we will need to get a diving certification to take part in some trips and diving activities because the diving centers will ask us about our experience and for some specific certifications. There are a lot of certification agencies, but the most extended in […]

Get your scuba certification

Do I need a scuba certification? Actually, not. You always can try scuba diving without need a certification; however if you remember the 7 reasons to try scuba diving we wrote about on a previous post, you will need to prove your ability and get a c-card (or diving certification) […]

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