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It comes as a surprise to many divers when they hear that Indonesia is one of the world’s best places for viewing underwater ecosystems. Indonesia is perfectly suited as an ocean-life sanctuary. Located directly in the middle of what is called the “Coral Triangle” that ranges from the Philippines to Australia, and Borneo, Indonesia is home to over 3,000 different kinds of fish and protects roughly 20% of the planet’s coral reefs. The country’s 17,000 islands make it virtually impossible to explore all of its sea life, underwater geography, and fauna. As if this island country’s sea life weren’t enough to bring scuba divers sprinting to their shores, Indonesia also holds deep water trenches, World War 2 wrecks, and more. Whether you’re an inexperienced diver or a well-seasoned expert, Indonesia has plenty of underwater locations to challenge and excite you.


Capital to the Indonesian islands, Bali offers over twenty different dive outfitters for individuals interested in exploring from a boat. These excursions cost anywhere from $99 to $200 per day, although discussing your plans with a local vacation expert can occasionally spark unadvertised offers. The Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan sites are known for their steep cliffs, deep ocean, and variety of large fish. It is common to see Manta Rays and Ocean Sunfish lounging in the waters. For those interested in a more challenging dive, the Bali central coast is home to Gili Tepekong, which is known for its surging currents and unpredictable ocean surges. The Gili rewards its visitors with views of white tip sharks, barracudas and enormous pelagic fish.

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South Lombok offers a grouping of flourishing reefs and vibrant schools of fish for those who make the 2.5 hour plane ride from the Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). Lombok gives visitors the opportunity to dive world-famous sites including the Gili Islands, Belongas Bay, and the “Cathedral,” a truly challenging site for only world-class divers. Divers should prepare for cooler water when venturing far off the island’s shores, and can expect to see large eels, 100’s of varieties of reef fish, sea turtles, and more!

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Sulawesi is home to some of the most versatile dive sites available. Surrounded by fields of active, healthy coral, Sulawesi hosts more types of coral than even the Great Barrier Reef! One of the mandatory dive sites located off the glistening shores of this island is Bunaken National Marine Park, located near the central area of the island. The park covers about 900 KM, and is home to Emperor Angelfish, Bluestripe Snapper, and the Giant Clam. The beauty, diversity, and health of this underwater ecosystem are the most recommended sight for visitors to Indonesia.

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Komodo Island

World-known for being home to the largest population of Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island doesn’t limit its visitors to only shore sightseeing. The deep water surrounding Komodo Island is home to schooling manta rays, reef sharks, and the occasional hammerhead shark. A great place for divers who love feeling their adrenaline pump and don’t mind sharing the water with large creatures of the deep, Komodo Island is a thrill for experienced divers.

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