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Our Top 10 Diving Holidays

Scuba diving is a fun solo or family adventure that is available to try across the globe. For many people, deciding to go scuba diving is the easy decision. We already know how to get ready for our diving holidays but there are so many places that offer diving, it can be hard to decide which location has the most to offer and best fits your needs. Keep reading to learn more about our top 10 diving locations across the world.

Hawaii USA

Hawaii is known for its sparkling sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, and big waves. But it is away from the shores and under the water, however, that is arguably the most beautiful place on this island. This islands crystal-clear blue water attracts sharks, brightly colored fish, and acres of live coral. So, Hawaii it isn’t only for surfers, it’s also a perfect diving holidays destination.


Batfish, weedy scorpionfish, and octopuses are all creatures you can expect to see lurking in Indonesia’s deep eastern waters. Areas such as East Bali and Lombok offer excellent marine life viewing opportunities to visitors of the deep.


The Virgin Islands, USA

A trio of islands make up the Virgin Islands. Among the shores of St. Criox, St. John, and St. Thomas are teeming with beautifully colored reef fish. While diving among the bright coral, keep an eye out for parrotfish, yellowtail snappers, and long spine squirrelfish!


The Philippines

In a nation with over 7,000 islands, it’s almost too easy to find a good diving spot in the Philippines. This country offers underwater activities for people of all ages, and makes it easy to see hard-to-find creatures like white-tip reef sharks. Whether you choose to dive off the coast of western Cebu or the Mindoro Islands, the waters of the Philippines will not disappoint.


The Caribbean

As the rumored birth place of scuba diving, the Islands of the Caribbean offer months of diving that will satisfy both the beginner and expert explorer. These islands house not only fish, but also ship wrecks and magnificent coral reefs waiting to be discovered.



With over 2,000 islands sprinkled throughout Micronesia’s portion of the Pacific, it has become one of the top diving holidays destinations for people across the world. These islands are infamous for maintaining over 300 types of coral and roughly 1400 species of fish. Japanese shipwrecks are also common sights in the deep lagoons of these Pacific Islands.

The Galapagos

While the shores of the Galapagos offer a variety of animal life, the ocean too teems with life. These remote islands are charted as one of the top 7 underwater wonders, and offer hammerhead sharks among other exotic marine life.

The Great Barrier Reef

No list of underwater marvels is complete without adding the Great Barrier Reef. As the largest reef in the world, this Australian wonder is 1,200 miles of tropical sea life. Divers are able to explore the reef solo, or go with a guided service.

The Red Sea

One of the most remote destinations in the world, this chunk of water between Asia and Africa offers 1000 species of fish and invertebrates. In addition to the sea life, this unique diving holidays destination hosts some of the most well-preserved shipwrecks known to man.



One of the most flexible locations for scuba diving, Belize offers everything from day boats to multiple night trips for those interested in enjoying the underwater ecosystem. Mako and Caribbean Reef sharks are both commonly found during trips, along with other large and small reef fish.

In future post we’ll write about all these diving locations providing some travel tips and recommendations. Enjoy your diving holidays!

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