Our Top 10 Diving Holidays

Scuba diving is a fun solo or family adventure that is available to try across the globe. For many people, deciding to go scuba diving is the easy decision. We already know how to get ready for our diving holidays but there are so many places that offer diving, it […]

Scuba dive Great Barrier Reef

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Beginner to professional: PADI Certification

    We already know that we will need to get a diving certification to take part in some trips and diving activities because the diving centers will ask us about our experience and for some specific certifications. There are a lot of certification agencies, but the most extended in […]

Our scuba gear: Masks

  As we wrote on the post related to assemble our diving equipment, the mask is the component of our scuba gear that allows us to have a better vision underwater. Unfortunately, our eyes are not able to focus while they are in contact with water, they only can do […]

scuba mask

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Get ready for your diving holidays

  Start your planning Here we go, tired of those holiday trips visiting a lot of tourist places and running almost all the time we already decided to try something different. Yes we know staying in a nice resort just lying on the beach or swimming pool can be quite […]

Get your scuba certification

Do I need a scuba certification? Actually, not. You always can try scuba diving without need a certification; however if you remember the 7 reasons to try scuba diving we wrote about on a previous post, you will need to prove your ability and get a c-card (or diving certification) […]

Pool dive course

Diving equipment shop

Assemble your scuba diving equipment

Underwater adaptation Humans can’t remain underwater without a minimum adaptation tools that help us to breathe, see, swim without much effort or keep our body warm. So, if we want to expend some time swimming around this unnatural habitat for us we need some diving equipment. But don’t worry, as […]

7 Reasons to become a scuba diver

Sometimes, we make mistakes. Even though we now it, we still need to find reasons that make us sure that we weren’t right. That was my case and the reason why I decided to write this post with 7 reasons to become a scuba diver. My big mistake about scuba […]

Scuba diver