Galapagos Islands: A Place You Can’t Resist

Do you think you have explored all the beautiful and exiting places around the world? Wait a minute, there is one maybe you have not yet visited. This is an island that can challenge you into thinking differently about your world view. Galapagos Islands are a group of 19 islands […]

Galapagos diving hammerhead sharks

weight systems

Understanding Scuba Weight Systems

Most people enter the water with the intention of swimming or floating. Scuba divers, however, venture out into the water with the exact opposite intention: we need to sink. The diving process requires a balanced weight system that allows the wearer to sink slowly with control. In order to accomplish […]

World- Class Diving: Indonesia

It comes as a surprise to many divers when they hear that Indonesia is one of the world’s best places for viewing underwater ecosystems. Indonesia is perfectly suited as an ocean-life sanctuary. Located directly in the middle of what is called the “Coral Triangle” that ranges from the Philippines to […]


NAUI eLearning

The NAUI Scuba Certification Path

Regardless of your dive location or experience level, most scuba outfitters make holding a scuba certification mandatory before they will allow you passage on a trip. Diving certifications promote underwater education and safety practices while reducing the amount of underwater hazards and accidents. The vast amount of diving courses available […]

Henderson wetsuit

  No-matter what type of ocean environment you plan your next dive taking place in, planning to use an industry-rated suit to protect your body from the salt, temperatures, and bacteria found in the ocean is a must. There are thousands of wetsuits and specialized scuba skins designed to protect […]

Hawaii scuba diving

Amazing Scuba Destination: Dive in Hawaii

Hawaii is a world-known tropical paradise littered with glistening sea shells, buzzing with sun-tanned locals, and teeming with ocean life. Outside the string of main islands are 132 smaller volcanic islands serving as an underwater refuge for fish, ocean mammals, and hundreds of different kinds of coral. Between the hundreds […]

The Absolute Basics for Picking a Snorkel

If there’s one thing humans cannot live without, it’s air. Therefore, the snorkel is a basic piece of diving equipment, and helps both divers and snorkelers keep a steady supply of air in their lungs. While some people question the need for a snorkel when they already have a cylinder […]


liveaboard great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef, a breath taking experience

As the largest reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and one of our Top 10 diving holidays destination. It covers 1,200 miles of ocean floor with varieties of fish, coral, and sharks. A great destination for both licensed […]

SSI Scuba Certification Path

When it comes to diving in open water, many dive outfitters require each individual hold some sort of scuba certification in order to qualify for the trip. This certification ensures the outfitter that each person diving is knowledgeable and experienced. Although there are a number of licenses for underwater trips, […]

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scuba gear fins

Our scuba gear: Fins

  We already know that fins are one of the indispensable components to assemble our scuba gear. In addition, when it comes to diving in the ocean, investing in a good pair of fins pays off in the long run. These duck-like water shoes are what helps to propel you […]