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Our scuba gear: Fins


We already know that fins are one of the indispensable components to assemble our scuba gear. In addition, when it comes to diving in the ocean, investing in a good pair of fins pays off in the long run. These duck-like water shoes are what helps to propel you through the water, allowing you to change depth and direction with ease.

For inexperienced divers, picking the right pair of water-footwear can be difficult. Often times, the type of gear you use is dependent on the temperature of the water you’ll be swimming in, and the type of diving you’ll be doing. In this article, we’ll look at the parts of a diving fin and how they differ to fit various diving situations.

Components and Materials

Scuba fins have two primary components:

The Heel: Every scuba fin comes with a place for the diver to rest their heel. Depending on the type of footwear you decide to get, the location for your heel will either be open or closed. Closed heel gear is best suited for warm underwater climates, and should be worn with only bare feet underneath. Open heel gear is for cooler water, because they allow the diver to wear booties underneath their fins. These are also recommended for divers who expect to spend time walking across rocks, as protective booties can be worn underneath the fin.

The blades: The blade of a fin comes with two style options: a split or intact blade. All blades are generally made with a single piece of light-weight, molded rubber. An intact blade works best for swimmers who use the “frog” and “flutter” kicking methods, and helps to give an extra boost. If you’re planning on swimming in strong currents, consider getting a stiffer blade to help resist the fast-moving water. For swimmers who have knee and joint problems, using a split fin may be a better choice. The slit in the center of the rubber makes it easier to kick without losing forward motion. This low-impact method of diving is excellent for children or the elderly.

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Choosing Your Scuba Fins

Now that you have all the information about the different kinds of scuba footwear and what their suited for, it’s time to pick your pair. Remember, it’s important to pick fins that will be consistently comfortable, suit your diving trips, and fit your budget. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on a better pair, you get what you pay for!

The steps for picking the right pair of scuba fins is an easy two-step process:

  • Find a pair that fits. Remember to pick a pair one size larger than you would normally need if you plan to wear booties under your fins. While the footwear is on, move your feet in a circle or lean against a wall and kick your ankle to make sure it is comfortable while you are moving as well.
  • Pick the right blade style. With the variety of blade styles that are available, doing research on the kind of blade you want may be a good idea. If you travel through rough waters regularly, curved blades are best for lowering water turbulence. For a relaxing dive through calm waters, consider getting split blades as your footwear of choice.

Hope this post will help you to select an appropriate pair of fins that allows you to enjoy your diving activities. All comments will be welcome, please use our facebook page or send us an email.



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