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Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator Device review

In addition to dive mask and fins, a buoyancy compensator is one of the most important diving kits for scuba diving. Let’s see what you can get with purchasing the Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator.

Before buying a buoyancy compensator (scuba BCD), you should know how it works and gets familiar with its technical specs in order to feel more comfortable and safer underwater. However, with a wide range of models on the market, finding a good buoyancy compensator that will suit your needs could be a daunting task.

This rigid backpack is made of Cordura 420, a high-quality waterproof material that ensures the durability of this item. It comes with a built-in handle for easier carrying. On the pockets, there are two openings which contribute to better positioning of the octopus. Aside from that, the pressure gauge is provided to make your dives more comfortable.

You can use it right out of the box. It is designed for easy assembly. You can add the weight system to this standard scuba BCD; its assembly is possible in just a few clicks. Thanks to the efficient exhaust valve system and ergonomic power inflator, it is compatible up to 40% Oxygen.

These are the main parts of this scuba compensator:

  • Storage for octopus
  • Pressure gauge
  • Roomy zippered pockets
  • Ergo inflator
  • Classic bladder

Basics about Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator

Mares Prime MRS buoyancy control device imageProduct name: Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator

Item Type: Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD)

Price: It really changes quite often due to special offers and promotions. You can get a reference price on Amazon

Warranty: Limited warranty of 24 months

Materials: Cordura 420

Weight: Item Display Weight – 10 pounds; Item Weight – 6 pounds; Shipping Weight – 8.75 pounds

Available in the Following Colors: Only available in black color

Available in the Following Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 17.8 x 20 inches

Additional Info: Gift-wrap available; Fast, free two-day shipping is possible with Amazon Prime

Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator is recommended for

Inflator detail of Mares Prime MRS BCD

  • An ideal scuba BCD for people looking for a diving adventure. It is particularly recommended for recreational scuba divers.
  • Perfect for any recreational underwater scenario that involves diving.
  • Although there are no limitations who can use this item, it is primarily intended for divers just getting started. However, its great in-water performance can also make veterans happy.
  • This compensator is recommended for pro and experienced divers to complete their diving kit.
  • Being available in a broad range of sizes, ranging from small to 2X-large, it is suitable for both adults and kids. Therefore, it’s not a problem to find one that fits well.
  • This MRS  Buoyancy Compensator is highly recommended for people looking for an entry-level of scuba BCD equipment since it performs admirably and is well appointed.
  • It is considered to be a good bang for beginner divers.

What people say

Mares weight pockets

  • People say that Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator is an excellent buoyancy lift. The users are especially satisfied with its positioning system and pressure gauge. Whilst the pressure gauge allows you to dive more comfortable, the openings located on the roomy zippered pockets ensure better positioning of the octopus.
  • Most people find it a great style and comfort in a BCD. Strapped in, it offers a controlled, comfortable ride under water.
  • Very safe and useful. A rigid backpack stabilizes and supports the tank at depth. Some divers find its sternum strap is positioned a little too high, though.
  •  This BCD is extremely durable and there are no complaints from customers regarding this matter. It is very resistant to scratches and strokes.
  • The D-rings are a bit scarce, according to some people.
  • Easy to carry. The compensator in question is lightweight itself and its weight integrated design makes it easy to carry around. Moreover, it comes equipped with a molded carry handle that additionally facilitates carrying of this item.
  • This piece of dive gear is worth investing, and the vast majority of customers find it is a great value for money.

To conclude everything that was said in this review. The Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator is an entry-level scuba BCD that features a roomy stowage for octopus, big zippered pockets, pressure gauge, and ergo inflator. Novice divers wanting to get started should definitely consider purchasing it, but it is also good for senior divers.

Where can I buy it?

You probably can buy the Mares Prime MRS BCD in any of your preferred diving shops, but here you can find a few online options.

These online options are affiliate links. That means we’ll get paid a commission if you decide to buy the reviewed product or any other item on them. This doesn’t affect the final price of the product. You won’t be paying any extra charge. Probably the opposite, you’ll get some extra discount.

When searching to buy online, we must be sure that the product is available in our country. There are some restrictions on international sales and some e-commerce sites only ship the product to specific areas. the selling price changes quite often due to special offers and promotions. We found variations from $217 to $330 with just a few day’s intervals. Usually with free shipping. Due to shipping restrictions, it’s possible that you´ll need to make a new search on your country’s Amazon site.

Amazon Spain (Europe): at the moment I’m writing this review there is a cheap starting price of just €166.95. It depends on the size you need. A.e.  the price is the XL size option price is €192.95 with a shipment cost of €18.

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Hope this review will help you to make a decision in a purchase or not this Buoyancy Compensator. Please, leave a comment with your own experience or questions about the Mares Prime MRS BCD.

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6 thoughts on “Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator Device review

  • Derek

    Thank you for this very thorough and descriptive review! My uncle loves to dive and he’s been searching for new gear recently. I’ll have to show him your website and recommend him Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator. He isn’t a hardcore diver and only dives recreationally, so I think this will be the perfect device for him.

  • Austin

    Loved the article. I always wondered how scuba divers were able to dive and rise so quickly in the water. I always thought that they would be expending so much energy. This is a really cool device that obviously would help with that process.
    I did some snorkeling in Hawaii once and reading your post is making me want to put a mask on and dive back into the waves!

  • Troy

    hi there, i am looking to buy a BCD and Regulator for my upcoming Dm’s course. This will be my first BCD and Regulator that i have ever purchased and i was wondering if it is a suitable option for a medium to advanced diver? i’ve been diving for about 6 years and have about 120 logged dives. The regulator i am getting is the Mares rover 2S.

    thanks in advance!!

    • Best Diving Stuff Post author

      Hi Troy,

      Actually, this BCD is a good option for divers of every level. The most commented feature of it is the comfort, so it will be great during your Dm’s course. It will help you to focus on your training.
      Go ahead with it and remember that you can take advantage of Black Friday discounts