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Start your planning

Here we go, tired of those holiday trips visiting a lot of tourist places and running almost all the time we already decided to try something different. Yes we know staying in a nice resort just lying on the beach or swimming pool can be quite boring, but this is not what we are planning to do. We want to have a diving holidays.

Of course, if you have enough vacation days you can combine frenetic tourism with some relax at the end and we want to add that enjoy some dives during it can be really fun. However, diving holidays need some specific considerations before we book our trip and before we started.

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Check list before booking your diving holidays

There are thousands of beautiful diving spots around the world, but before choose the one where we want to go on holidays there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • How long? We have to decide the extension of our trip to plenty enjoy it; travel to an amazing dive site expending most of our holidays on the plane and other transport systems can be exhausting and we won’t have fun. Also, remember that you need some hours to acclimatize your body between flights and dives.
  • Is the best time of the year to go on diving holidays there? Weather at our destination can be a big issue due to cold, extremely hot and rainy seasons on tropical countries. In addition, marine life has also his ups and downs during the year and if you are expecting to encounter some animals (such as dolphins, whale sharks,…) be sure that you choose the best time of the year. Our recommendation is to make and online search to start and read some diving forums.
  • What about the conditions of the dive area? Check the availability of dive centers in the area and contact them to get some extra information about the diving conditions (visibility, water temperature,…). These conditions may require some specific considerations when packing your diving equipment. The diving centers will also inform you if there is any dive site closed at the time you plan to visit them.
  • Book your flights and hotels. Traditionally we used travel agencies to do it, however nowadays we can make our bookings easily online. For your flights we recommend you to start your search with www.skyscanner.com and when you find something interesting check the flight company website. Check the baggage allowance and special baggage information before you buy your ticket; remember that you are traveling with extra bags and weight and the overweight fees can be really expensive. To find an appropriate hotel there are a few booking websites, such as www.booking.com. Be careful about the peak season and book in advance.
  • Select a reliable dive center that offer what you are looking for. Once you know your destination ask friends about recommendations about diving centers and/or check reviews online in places like www.tripadvisor.com. Then contact the one you choose, request any information you need and book your scuba activities.

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Check list before travel

Here they are, you diving holidays are close to start and you need to be ready.

  • Check your equipment. Be sure that all your scuba gear is ready and functioning perfectly before you start your trip. Bring anything that need to be served to an accredited diving center and technician.
  • Prepare all your certification cards and your log book. We already know that to enroll in some scuba activities the diving center will ask you about your certifications and number of dives. This point is especially important if you plan to take a course during you holidays.
  • Buy insurance. If you don’t have a yearlong diving insurance buy a new one that covers your activities during your holidays. You must know that in some countries the diving centers are not required to have any insurance. In addition, get a travel insurance.
  • The final check. Is the moment and while you pack be sure that you have your passport, tickets, hotel bookings, equipment, money and anything else that you will need during your diving holidays.

Enjoy it and have fun!




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