The Absolute Basics for Picking a Snorkel

If there’s one thing humans cannot live without, it’s air. Therefore, the snorkel is a basic piece of diving equipment, and helps both divers and snorkelers keep a steady supply of air in their lungs. While some people question the need for a snorkel when they already have a cylinder […]


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Our scuba gear: Fins

  We already know that fins are one of the indispensable components to assemble our scuba gear. In addition, when it comes to diving in the ocean, investing in a good pair of fins pays off in the long run. These duck-like water shoes are what helps to propel you […]

Our scuba gear: Masks

  As we wrote on the post related to assemble our diving equipment, the mask is the component of our scuba gear that allows us to have a better vision underwater. Unfortunately, our eyes are not able to focus while they are in contact with water, they only can do […]

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Assemble your scuba diving equipment

Underwater adaptation Humans can’t remain underwater without a minimum adaptation tools that help us to breathe, see, swim without much effort or keep our body warm. So, if we want to expend some time swimming around this unnatural habitat for us we need some diving equipment. But don’t worry, as […]