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7 Reasons to become a scuba diver

Sometimes, we make mistakes. Even though we now it, we still need to find reasons that make us sure that we weren’t right. That was my case and the reason why I decided to write this post with 7 reasons to become a scuba diver.

My big mistake about scuba diving

A few years ago while traveling along the Australian west coast I experienced the best snorkeling hours of my life. There, at every tour shop where I get some information and booked my trips to the Whitsundays islands and The Great Barrier Reef someone tried to sell me a diving course. Then I refused to do it because I wasn’t interested in spend any time of my holidays studying and I thought it was too hot to get into a wetsuit and carry all the scuba diving gear.

I enjoyed my snorkeling and saw amazing coral formations and plenty of fish and turtles, but when one of the divers at the boat that took us around The Great Barrier Reef showed me some of the photos that he had taken that day, I realized that I was wrong and I already lost the opportunity of being close to one of the most wonderful places in this world. So I started to think about become a scuba diver and decided to make a list with the reasons why I wanted to try it.


Scuba dive Great Barrier Reef


Reason number 1: Get closer and see more

The first reason is that going underwater with your scuba gear allows you to get close to some animals that you’ll never see close to the surface, because the sea bottom is their habitat or just because they try to avoid those usually disturbing and quite often dangerous animals called humans.

Reason number 2: It isn’t that difficult

Nowadays almost everyone can become a scuba diver. The age restrictions are minimum (go back to it on a future post) and you don’t need to be specially fit to dive. The learning materials and courses structures aren’t too difficult (10 year old child already pass it) and the modern equipments are amazing, not that kind of heavy stuff that I had in mind before.

Reason number 3: Almost no swimming restrictions

There’s something special about not having to go back to the surface for breathing and not having salty water in your mouth for the duration of your swim. You truly feel part of the marine universe, and it’s incredible.

Reason number 4: Meet new people

Yes, you always can go to dive with your buddies; however you usually will join a boat or get enrolled in some diving activities that will allow you to meet new people, share experiences and probably make new friends.

Reason number 5: Enjoy an infinite variety

There are thousands of dive sites and all of them are different. Also, the marine life that you will find it is never the same; it changes depending on the time of the day, the season, the conditions,… You have plenty of options to explore, and remember that repeat a dive on the same site doesn’t mean that you are going to get bored because you’ll never have two identical dives.


Scuba divers protect sharks

Reason number 6: It isn’t dangerous

Before you become a scuba diver, while thinking about diving always come to your mind the dangerous meeting with a shark or other marine creatures. I can tell you that sharks aren’t men eaters; actually they are pretty scary of humans. Also, some of you can be worried about the danger of being underwater and you have a problem with your gear or your health, but following a few basic rules those dangers are minimal.

Reason number 7: Never bored in paradise

Scuba diving is a great alternative when enjoying holidays on a beautiful resort (or city) next to the ocean. Sometimes, after a few weeks of relax we start to feel bored and need to do something to fulfill our holiday days. Book one or more days of diving activities can help you to plenty enjoy those deserved holidays. Also, you can focus in scuba activities when planning a travel and transform it in an amazing diving holidays.

So, these are just a few reasons why I think it’s interesting to try scuba diving. Then, chose a diving center and start a new experience.

Well, if you must wait until you have a few days off, you can always start reading a little bit more about scuba diving and marine wildlife. Here you have a few recommendations:

Scuba Diving – 4th Edition

The Complete Diver: The History, Science and Practice of Scuba Diving

SCUBA: A Practical Guide for the New Diver

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7 thoughts on “7 Reasons to become a scuba diver

  • Matthew

    Your 7 reasons are incredibly motivating, i will definitely get my scuba diving course one day, the thought of swimming through crystal blue water getting so close to the fish and corals is truly inspiring.
    It sounds like you had an absolutely excellent time in australia, i am thinking of going there soon so i will take into account everything you said and will have a look at some of these courses and books.

  • Erin

    I love your website and page. I think the way you started the article is great: giving a story of missing out on scuba diving and regretting it.

    I would actually like more description in some of your reasons. For example, how long did it take you to learn? Did you have any problems while learning to scuba dive? (Or perhaps your class mates had problems?) If this is covered somewhere else on the site, perhaps put a link in this article to that part of the site.

    I had no idea that the equipment had gotten lighter! That is really encouraging. My mother-in-law and I are about the same size and she couldn’t get certified many many years ago because she had trouble lifting the tanks.

    Another article you could write is the differences between snorkeling and scuba diving. I think snorkeling is much more common, so maybe some comparisons would help people relate.

    I have only snuba dived, and it was amazing! Our oxygen tanks were in a little floating boat at the surface and we got 50 ft of tubing. It was a great transition from snorkel to scuba.


    • Best Diving Stuff Post author

      Thanks for your comments Erin.

      Just go trough the menu on top and you will find the answer to almost all your questions.

      Also appreciate the idea of a post comparing scuba diving and snorkeling. I’ll keep it in mind for a future post.

  • Neil

    Scubs diving looks so amazing, especiallyas you’re discovering a whole new world. I remember a lady at my workplace who used to scuba dive in lakes and she said it was one of the best experiences she’s ever had.

    I must admit, I enjoy snorkelling too and have tried it in the amazing crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. :)

    Thanks for listing the 7 reasons to become a Scuba Diver. I think getting closer to underwater wildlife is the major pro for me. :)


  • Cathy

    I’ve been invited many times to do scuba diving, but I just can’t fan away the fear of being in the deep water. First of all, I am afraid of water. I only started swimming when I was 18 and that took me forever to float.

    Second, you are right – I always think that there are sharks nearby and that makes me even more phobic. My friend joked that I’d be lucky to see one because in her entire diving experience for over 10 years, she has yet to encounter her first shark.

    • Best Diving Stuff Post author

      Thanks for your comment Cathy.

      Diving is something to enjoy and I always recommend to try the experience with a Discover Scuba Diving activity before going into a proper certification. It’s just a trial, a nice one day activity and then you’ll know if you like scuba or not.